Our mission is to create business excellence and enrich the lives of people.

Our core values define who we are, what we do and what we believe. It creates a foundation for behaviour and expectation for those who work with us as well as for those we encounter on a day to day basis.

As our mission is the foundation of our company, we have created five core values to ensure its success.

People First

  • We respect the freedom of each individual customer, employee or temporary staff member to make informed choices, judging the right things to do
  • Our working environment must support and encourage the involvement and creativity of all staff members
  • To sustain our industry leadership and provide world-class service to our customers, we must respect and value the diversity of our employees and always consider their concerns and best interests first.
  • We value our contract and temporary staff as highly as we do our customers

Acting with Utmost Integrity

  • We believe in ensuring our actions are always aligned with our stated values and beliefs
  • We believe in ensuring, as an organization, that we always do what we say we will do
  • We believe in ensuring, as individuals, that we are trustworthy, open and honest in our dealings - all of the time

Satisfying Our Customers

  • We strive to understand the individual needs and objectives of our customers
  • We endeavor to be knowledgeable about our industry and employment markets
  • We constantly seek innovative ways of improving the quality of our service and increasing our value to our customers
  • We keep our commitments - all of the time

Believing in Being Better

  • We continually challenge our assumptions and past successes in order to continuously improve and innovate
  • We have the courage to try new things and learn from our mistakes
  • We welcome change and recognize the opportunities it brings
  • We encourage continuous learning, growth and development by all staff members

Succeeding Financially

  • We know that our continued existence requires long-term profitability and continued revenue growth
  • We protect and conserve our resources
  • We welcome change and recognize the opportunities it brings
  • We promote an attitude of doing more with less